Brilliantly flexible and fitted with a long control wand and a comfortable handle for outstanding precision, the KV/TKV on-board hose will allow you to quickly clear leaves, litter, dirt and loose debris from hard to reach and tucked away areas, such as under bushes, in tight corners, and in and around flower beds. As well as the hose, the kit contains all required fittings, two protective nozzle wear guards, and a hose bracket. The nozzle wear guards attach to the sides of your Billy Goat vacuum’s nozzle, providing added protection when using it on hard surfaces. The hose bracket, meanwhile, fastens to your vacuum’s chassis and provides a space-saving storage solution for when not in use.

Available for use with all KV/TKV models, including the KV600, KV650H, KV600SP, KV650SPH and TKV650SPH, Billy Goat’s handy KV/TKV 4” x 7’ on-board hose kit is thus a remarkably simple way of improving the performance and versatility of your Billy Goat machine.

Billy Goat Vacuum Hose Kit KV/TKV

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