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Explore Husqvarna's Automowers: the brand that started it all.

  • Advanced Auto Navigation: Husqvarna Automowers use sophisticated sensors and GPS to navigate complex lawns and avoid obstacles with precision.

  • Silent Operation: Engineered for quiet performance, these mowers allow for lawn maintenance at any time without disturbing the peace.

  • Weatherproof Design: Built to function in various weather conditions, ensuring your lawn is maintained rain or shine.

  • Smart Home Integration: Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, allowing for effortless voice-activated control.

  • Theft Protection System: Equipped with alarm systems and GPS tracking to secure your investment.

  • Automatic Charging: Returns to its charging station when low on battery, ensuring it's always ready to work.

  • Custom Mowing Schedules: Easily programmable to handle complex lawn care routines, ensuring optimal cutting during peak growth periods.


Robotic Mowers


Explore Segway Navimow: the future of Garden care.

  • Precision Navigation: Utilizing advanced GPS technology, Navimow mowers maintain perfect cutting paths and efficient lawn coverage without the need for perimeter wires.

  • Smart App Control: Manage your Navimow's mowing schedule and track its progress with ease from your smartphone, thanks to the intuitive Segway app.

  • All-Weather Performance: Designed to operate reliably under various weather conditions, ensuring your lawn looks great in sunshine or rain.

  • Safety First: Built with safety sensors, Navimow stops automatically when it detects objects or uneven surfaces, making it safe for families and pets.

  • Customizable Mowing Zones: Tailor mowing patterns to different areas of your garden for specific care and attention where it's needed most.

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Robotic Mowers

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