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Husqvarna 525BX Review - The best Petrol Blower of 2020?

Husqvarna have a long held legacy for their high quality products, with great manufacturing and attention to detail. Husqvarna is one of today's brand leaders when it comes to Garden Machinery, and they have a good reputation based around their wide range of products. Husqvarna does some great Blowers, both handheld and backpack, but the Husqvarna 525bx just seems to be the best power for your money, while it sits in around the mid-high budget range for a handheld blower coming in at £269. Some of the things that makes this blower so good, is the high build quality, the fact that it is very easy to start, and it packs a whole lot of power.

Husqvarna 525BX blower
Husqvarna 525BX

The Husqvarna 525BX is a very powerful leaf blower with a user-friendly design and great functionality, which given its current price tag, is not something easy to come across. There is no problem cleaning out large lawns, or damp spots on your property, the 525bx just shows a lot of power that seems like it can handle almost anything you throw at it. One of the positives is the nozzle set it comes with, it is adjustable and means it can get very close to the ground, meaning you don't have to strain your back in the process of using the blower, which is good for those people who are tall, or have a sore back sometimes, either way, the nozzle set this blower comes with is a great addition to the package.

Another great function about the 525bx blower, is the setting for blowing speed. It means that you can use it more gently, for example when you're blowing leaves from gravel, and increase the power when you're blowing damp leaves or larger areas. The 525BX feels very intuitive to use and all of the functions are visible and close to each other.

The package includes both a flat and open blowing nozzle, the flat may give a more targeted and powerful air flow, but the open nozzle may be better when your blowing leaves etc, and gives you the benefit of being able to swap out a nozzle depending on the job at hand, which is great and really adds to the functionality.

As far as handling the Husqvarna blower, there is very little vibration, of course, there is going to be some level of vibration but if you really cant stand it, maybe you should take a look at some battery blowers instead here. The Low vibration levels of the blower make it easy to handle, and comfortable to use for a longer period of time if the job requires so.

All of the buttons required are within reach when using the blower, your on/off switch located on the handle, while choke is easy to find to the left of the machine when starting the engine, which is a seamless and straightforward process -simply prime the engine 5-6 times, put on the choke, and pull, and when you hear the engine fire, release the choke, and pull again. The Blower is surprisingly easy to start, and with a warm engine requires little effort to start whatsoever.

Overall, the Husqvarna 525bx Blower is a great buy if your in the market looking a handheld petrol blower. It provides great performance for the value of the machine, and the features and handling all contribute to why this Blower is such a good deal at £269. If petrol blowers aren't your thing, why not try looking here at our EGO range, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


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