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How can an Automower help your Garden?

There is no doubt that Technology is advancing, and is becoming a bigger part of our lives now than it ever has been before, and it is constantly being updated. New phones, tablets and electronic devices appear in the market all the time, and technology really does seem to play a big role in our daily lives - now more than ever. Having a robotic mower in your garden, takes the effort and pain of having to maintain your lawn away - and the best robotic mower for the job? - The Husqvarna Automower. Husqvarna have over 25 years experience working in the industry, and have the best technology available for robotic mowers, they come in different models, each with different features meant to best suit a certain size of lawn, so big or small, complex or simple, there will be an automower for you.

One of the best parts of owning an automower is the benefit of time that is going to be saved as a result of no longer having to maintain your lawn. There are a few benefits detailed below from having an Automower.

Husqvarna Automowers Northern Ireland
Husqvarna 435x AWD Automower

1. A perfect cut lawn

The idea of having a perfectly cut lawn may at first seem a little far fetched, and a bit too good to be true, but with Husqvarna Automower, that is exactly what you can expect. The Automower mows your lawn in a seemingly random set of directions, in a random pattern. However, no area will be left uncut, and the entire garden will be covered, including narrow passages, and the Automower can handle things like Hedges and trees, and any other obstacles for that matter. The Automower leaves behind the tiny shavings from the lawn, which acts as natural fertiliser, and will make the lawn green and lush, and leave it with a perfect finish, something not easily achievable with a petrol alternative, without using chemicals on your lawn...

2. It Saves you time

When you really begin to think about the amount of time dedicated to maintaining your lawn, you ask the question of "what else could i be doing with that time?" - luckily, with a Husqvarna Automower, you will find that you will no longer have to spend any time maintaining the lawn, as the process is autonomous, you press a button, put the mower on a schedule, and off it goes. Once the Automower is installed, most if not all of the work required is over, the Automower can get to work and when it needs charging again, it will automatically return home to the included charging station, and come out when recharged or when back on schedule, the process is easy!

3. It's environmentally friendly

With a Automower, there is no more pollution. No more fumes or noise, from a petrol machine, the automower is run on batteries and is no directly giving off any emissions, and the energy consumption is surprisingly low. That combined with the natural fertiliser you are now giving your lawn, you can be rest assured you are not harming the environment, and you are not putting harmful or synthetic chemicals into your garden to make it artificially green.

Husqvarna Garden Review

Overall, an Automower can bring many benefits. There is no more money being spent on fuel, and the cost of running an Automower is very low. There is no doubt that the Husqvarna Automower is a complete Game changer when it comes to taking care of and maintaining your lawn. That with the benefit of being able to control your Automower directly from its partner app, Automower Connect, makes this a must-buy for any size of lawn. Use this Husqvarna lawn tool to calculate your size of lawn and which Automower would be best.

We are a registered Husqvarna dealer, for any more information on any of our Automower range, please feel free to contact us, or click here to view the range of Automowers available.


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