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EGO ST1500E-F Review - Best strimmer for my garden?

Whilst the Battery Garden Equipment section of the industry is still fairly new and constantly being improved, EGO have shown time after time with each product release how powerful and capable their machines really are. EGO’s machines use an interchangeable 56V battery, in varying sizes of capacity ( more or less run time ) , and have arguably the best Battery system available in the market today, EGO sell lawnmowers, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, strimmers, blowers and even a multi tool, all of which can be powered by the same battery, meaning it will save you costs in the long run.

Pictured above is the EGO ST1500e-f, which comes available as the unit itself, without a battery or charger , although there is a kit version available here that comes with everything to get you going. It is currently one of EGOs most powerful line Trimmers available in the lineup, and is very affordable for the performance you get for the money, coming in retail at £159, a lot less than if you were to buy a good petrol trimmer. The trimmer has petrol performance, but some added benefits would be the overall well balanced weight of the machine with the battery, allowing ease of use, no vibratio, fuel or fumes either. The trimmer also is not noisy and can be used without ear protection safely, which is a further added bonus.

The trimmer can handle very tough areas of your garden, and take no hurt, which is something that makes this trimmer so good and useable in many peoples gardens, whether it is for lighter or heavier use, this trimmer is able to do the job. Bear in mind the run time of the battery you are using the machine with - a 2.5ah battery tends to last around 30 mins, so this is something to take into consideration Before you buy.

When using the machine you notice a lot of benefits over a petrol alternative, not having to pull start an engine, and there’s no fuss in getting it going, you simply put in the battery , pull the trigger and you have instant power to the head, letting you spend less time with an engine and more with the job at hand, which is something the battery range of products really shines at.

Overall, the ST1500e-f from Ego is a great buy for anyone needing a little more power from battery products, or have heavier gardens needing to trim. It provides great power and its performance is on par with some brand leaders who provide petrol alternatives , which is something that makes this machine so appealing. One of the best things about ego, however is the benefit of being able to change batteries from one machine to the next, it saves a lot of costs in the long run, and means you can have a full kit of machines running from the same batteries, making it easy to keep on top of.

for more questions or if you have any queries about any of the products we have in sell, please get in touch. To view our EGO range, click here.


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