Husqvarna 450x robotic mower

Automowers Northern Ireland

Having a Husqvarna Automower can free up countless hours, and time that would normally be spent cutting grass. It helps make keeping your Garden tidy effortless, rain or shine. Husqvarna currently have over 80% market share in the robotic mower industry, and their technology sits far ahead of other companys.


Every Garden is different, which is why there is different models of Automwower. Complex or simple, big or small, there is an Automower to suit you.  Automowers help you get the most narrow areas cut by their small form factor.


With over 15 years experience in the installation of Robotic Mowers, you can be sure that your Automower is in the right hands.  Contact us now, to request a site visit to see what robotic mower would suit you. 

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