EN Pro Adjustable

The heavyweight version, beefed up for commercial use, with three adjustable legs for use on slopes and steps. Essential for landscapers and employers. Certified to EN-131 standards and rated to 150kg.


Tripod Ladders are essential for large topiary and hedges. You can either work face-on, with the 3rd leg poked into the hedge, or sideways, with the ladder parallel to the hedge - their adaptability (3 legs), stability (wide base) and comfort (double rungs) allow you to spend all the time necessary to do jobs properly, without rushing.


  • Stable Tripod Design
  • Perfect for Cutting Tall Hedges
  • Adjustable 3rd Leg for Slopes and Steps
  • All 3 legs adjust on EN Pro Adjustable model
  • Simple & safe spring pin adjustment
  • Lightweight and Weatherproof

Hasegawa EN Pro 11ft Adjustable Tripod Ladder