If you regularly have to drive up a long gravel pathway or track, you will undoubtedly be familiar with the way in which, over time, such surfaces will frequently develop potholes or undulating waves (known in the industry as “washboarding”), making them unpleasant or even dangerous for anyone driving on them. In order to prevent this from becoming a major problem, one important step which can be taken is to smooth out these uneven areas of gravel with a gravel harrow.


Hitching to the rear of your Husqvarna rider or garden tractor, this tough gravel harrow tows behind you as you pass slowly over pathways and tracks in order to smooth out any raised or uneven areas. Featuring robust, smooth running rubber wheels for enhanced performance and adjustable working depth for greater versatility, the harrow is also fitted with rotating teeth which fold when the harrow is reversed.

Husqvarna Garden Tractor Towed Gravel Harrow

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