An extremely robust, collecting mower made with high quality components.Cub Cadet’s XM2 DR46 has a 21 inch cutting width, variable speed drive and comes complete with an electric starter.Single die-cast aluminium housing for ultra-durabilityA powerful Honda GCV-engine provides high performance and faster work, while producing fewer vibrations and less noise. Ensuring the longevity of the XM2 ER53e, a single die-cast aluminium mower housing is utilised, with no screws that can come loose or catch on debris. Additionally, the bumpers fitted to the front and sides helps protect the mower, further increasing its robustness.Impressive collecting guarantees a superior finishIn addition to a considerable 21 inch cutting width and a large 75 litre collecting volume (ideal for cutting large areas in less time), Cub Cadet’s Turbo Tunnel system improves the mowing performance, helping to deliver a flawless finish by stopping cuttings getting stuck or left on the lawn.The XM2 ER53e also features variable drive consisting of six forward gears, powered by its high-performance Cub Cadet engine allowing you to choose your own finish tailored to your specific lawn.Easy to work withForgoing the effort of pulling a cord, the machine Includes an electric starter, a unique feature which allows you to start the engine easily at the push of a button. Additionally, for a more comfortable experience, Vibex cushioning gel is used in the handles to reduce vibrations.This, combined with the anti-vibration ring and shock absorbers, help deliver a more enjoyable experience making it easier to feel in control.

Cub Cadet XM2 ER53E Lawnmower