the TKV650SPH features an impressive 68cm working width and a massive 151 litre collection bag to make even heavier workloads pleasingly manageable. Vacuumed material is also cut by the TKV650SPH’s large five-blade impeller, which has serrated edges to maximise suction power and debris reduction, while an optimised nozzle configuration further improves suction and enables quick clearance of hedge clippings in addition to leaves and grass. As well as being remarkably capacious, the hard-bottomed collection bag also features an integrated dust skirt and a clever zip-free design, with two easy-opening fasteners helping to ensure a longer service life and quicker disposal. Moreover, for added convenience when working in hard to reach areas of the garden the TKV650SPH can also be used with an optional hose kit (available separately).


Designed to make even extensive clearance work agreeably effortless, the TKV650SPH is also equipped with a height adjustment system and large, smooth running 30cm diameter wheels, thereby ensuring exceptional manoeuvrability on both hard surfaces and turf. With this kind of user-friendliness a hallmark of Billy Goat products, as well as the aforementioned long lasting performance, there are thus few better ways of keeping large domestic lawns and small commercial lots in a satisfyingly pristine state. Furthermore, for added peace of mind the TKV650SPH is also supplied with a either a one year machine and two-year engine (consumer) warranty, or alternatively a one-year engine (commercial) warranty, as standard.


Assembly Required for delivery

Billy Goat TKV650SPH Self Propelled Honda Powered Leaf Vacuum

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