Lighter, quieter and more manoeuvrable than a heavy petrol leaf blower, this compact cordless blower is well balanced and perfect for clearing leaves and small debris from patios, pathways and small lawns.


This comes with the 20v battery and charger in the box, you can also buy sperately more batteries, also available on the website. Energizer provide very good hassle free warranty replacements, so for a low cost, you get a machine with 2 year warranty, and the peace of mind that should something go wrong- your all covered.


The SEC blower from world leading battery experts Energizer is powered by a 20V 2Ah lithium-ion battery which gives a run time of approximately 17 minutes. The high speed fan blows through at 180m³/h to keep your garden tidy. The machine features a soft-grip handle and ergonomically-designed controls for comfortable operation. The detatchable blower tubes enable easy storage between use.


Brand: Energizer
Battery: Lithion-ion (included)
Battery Voltage: 20V
Battery Capacity: 2Ah
Battery Charge Time: Approx 60 mins
Battery Runtime: 2Ah: approx 17 mins
4Ah: approx 34 mins
Maximum Air Flow Speed: 216km/h
Maximum Air Flow Volume: 180m³/h
Weight: 1.25kg
Warranty: 2 years for domestic use

Energizer 20V Blower with Battery and Charger