With a 40 inch aerating width, this unique patented design uses 12 rotating curved tines aerating to a 3 inch depth.

Featuring a weight tray with 100lb capacity for increased soil penetration, the 9 inch diameter galvanised curved tines are designed for thorough soil penetration without messy soil plugs. The curved spike aerator allows seed, fertilizer, air and water to reach deep into the lawn's roots and along with de-thatching allows moisture and nutrients to get down to the root level so the grass plant can utilize them, providing a healthier lawn.

  • 40 Inch Aerating Width
  • 3 Inch Aeration Depth
  • 100lb Weight Tray Capacity for Increased Penetration
  • Twelve 9 Inch Galvanised Spike Discs
  • 60 Curved Spikes
  • 7 x 1.5 Inch Semi-Pneumatic Transport Wheels
  • Simple-to-use Cantilever Transport Handle

Ideal for use from early spring though to autumn this spike aerators with its hitch pin and single lever transport handle is suitable for towing behind all types of lawn tractors and ride on mowers.

Agri Fab 45-0369 Towed Curved Spike Aerator